SeaWorld San Antonio Review – What Rides and Attractions Can You Experience at This Texas Park?

San Antonio is now one of the most visited cities in Texas. Every year, millions of people flock to the city in order to experience the hot Texas sun and attractions such as SeaWorld. The marine-animal park and amusement park combo has a lot to offer. Visitors of all ages will find a visit to SeaWorld San Antonio to be an educational experience.

Located in the Westover Hills District, this 250-acre park is the home of thousands of marine animals, from various species of fish to bottlenose dolphins. You can experience everything the park has to offer if you order your tickets ahead of time on the internet.

From single day passes to annual memberships, there are many admissions options for you to choose from. It’s actually cheaper to order an annual pass than it is to order more than one single day ticket. If you are going to spend a lot of time in San Antonio and want to visit this park regularly, an annual pass may be the ideal option.

Since there are so many attractions and rides, you might not know where to start. Most tourists are interested in the sea animals. Rocky Point Preserve. Here, you will get to watch sea lions and seals in a naturalistic habitat. You might even get a chance to feed them if you participate in the interaction program.

It might seem strange that penguins can live in a place like Texas, but you can really encounter them there if you visit SeaWorld. At the Penguin Encounter exhibit, you’ll enter a charming world where more than 100 penguins live. They are of various types, including the king penguin. You’ll get to see them swimming among the rocky cliffs and icy waters. This manmade habitat is almost as natural as the icy home from which they originated.

As for thrilling rides, you really don’t want to miss out on the chance to ride The Great White. You’ll race along at 50 miles per hour on a floorless coaster, experiencing corkscrews, curves, and loops along the way.

There are some family-friendly rides at Sesame Street Bay of Play. If you’re bringing kids along on your trip, be sure to take them to this area. Fun rides and activities include Little Bird’s Splash, Elmo’s Dolphin Splash, Net Climb, and more.

These are just a few suggestions of the many fascinating and fun things you might want to experience while visiting SeaWorld San Antonio. The very next time you are in this part of Texas, be sure to head to Westover Hills District and check out the park!

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Five of the Top Branson Shows and Attractions

It is hard to determine the top five shows/ attractions in Branson Missouri with so many great venues. If you are planning a Branson vacation the following venues will in noway disappoint you but you may want to spend more time in Branson and see a few extra!

1. Silver Dollar City – Is a nationally known amusement park like no other. There you will see the roots of the Ozarks and have fun with the whole family. The park has over 20 rides, 40 live shows, and 60 specialty shops.

2. Ride The Ducks – Is an adventure that takes you from land to water. You will enjoy a pleasant ride through the beautiful Ozarks and then splash into Table Rock Lake.

3. Showboat Branson Belle – Is dinner and a show at its finest. You will enjoy a three-course meal while being entertained by the “ShowStoppers” and the well-know “Todd Olivers Talking Dogs”.

4. Titanic Museum – The only museum in Branson that hovers over 100 feet over the famous 76 strip. You spend over 90 minutes browsing through over 400 priceless artifacts.

5. Pierce Arrow Show – Is known as Branson’s Hottest Show. The show features the worlds lowest bass singers & incredible harmonies; You will be entertained during the entire show.

There you have them, five of the best Branson shows and attractions the city has to offer. If you want more information on any of the above Branson venues and others you can find more Branson information at the following link.

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